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Fonts & Colors

Screen Printing
We also carry specialty inks such as glow-in-the-dark (roll-over sample above left), neons (which will react under black light), shimmer gold, silver and gunmetal, and a clear glitter ink that can be printed directly onto garments for a glittery watermark effect or print it on top of another ink color for a real pop! We can print 6 spot colors per location or our 4-color process can be used to accomplish a multitude of colors. We print on-location so if you are local you can see just how everything comes together.

Heat Press
This is the method used for photo transfers, and perspnalizations such as individual names and numbers. Great on Cotton and Cotton/Poly blends. Photo heat press is great for small orders because there is no setup charge. And because there is no setup for heat press, Individual names and numbers are almost always done this way. We have samples in our store so you can see the difference between a screen print and a heat press and make the best decision for your purpose.

Need some ideas?
To the left you can find links to ink colors, fonts, samples, and process. We also have friendly graphic designers ready to help you over the phone, e-mail and in-person. Let us know what you are thinking about and we will see what we can do. We have tons of stock images and we can create custom illustrations too! Let us know your budget and we will show you tricks to keep costs down and still get an awesome print!

Screen printing costs are based on a number of variables such as garment style and color, number of prints, number of locations, size of prints and quantity ordered at one time. Check out the F.A.Q.s page for more info.