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What is Heat Press?

​Heat press is a method of putting images onto garments using a pressurized iron. It can be used for photo transfers and personalizations – such as names and numbers. It’s great on Cotton, Cotton/Poly, and 100% polyester. Photo heat press is great for small orders because there is no setup charge. And, since there is no setup for heat press, individual names and numbers are almost always done this way. We have samples in our store so you can see the difference between a screen print and a heat press and make the best decision for your purpose and size of order.

Names and Numbers

Names and numbers are almost always heat pressed. The information is cut out of thermal film with a vinyl cutter, set on the garment on the Heat Press, then acting as a giant flat iron, the image is essentially melted onto the garment. We use a high-end thermal film that works great and holds up very well for the entire life of your garment.

Photo Transfers

Heat Press can also be used used for photo transfers. Photo transfers are great for a short period and tend to peel and crack over time. It helps to turn garments inside out when washing.

How much do individual names and numbers cost?

Names are $3.50 each and numbers are $2 each. We do not charge per character or per digit like some of our competitors do. We will charge more for multiple locations and multiple colors. Screen printing setups charges do not apply as these things are usually heat pressed.

Reflective Striping

OSHA Regulation reflective striping can be adhered to your safety garments by Heat-Press. Reflective screen printing inks exist, but they are not reflective enough to meet OSHA standards. So heat pressed reflective stripes are the preferred method.


We have lots of color choices for thermal film!